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18. Sep. 2020

Take a virtual tour of DESMA USA!

See what is new at DESMA USA! 

DESMA USA recently completed building renovations. This included modernizing our conference rooms and an upgraded Customer Care Center! Please come see our new space, tour our demonstration lab and visit the NAMC (North American Manufacturing Center) where we produce tooling and provide turn key systems to the rubber and silicone industry!

02. Sep. 2020

Continuously Committed - DESMA Remote Support & Customer Service

September, 2020 (Hebron, KY) Digital Service provides quick machine diagnosis.

DESMA USA is committed to the support of our customers.  The Digital Services division of DESMA USA has options to quickly and safely connect your machine to our USA based team of experts. 

Traditionally, the only way to obtain any kind of customer support was via telephone or to have a service technician visit the customer's facility.  DESMA USA is able to provide remote support without leaving our Hebron headquarters, which is critical now when onsite customer visits are at a minimum and strategic safety measures are in place at manufacturing facilities. 

Utilizing DESMA's REMOS | SmartWall technology a service technician can remotely connect, diagnose and help provide high level technical support plus offer online solutions in real time. 

  • REMOS is a portable customer support tool that connects via Wi-Fi or GSM cellular network.  This means that it can be moved between multiple DESMA machines at the same facility. 
  • SmartWall operates on hardwired lines into one specific machine and uses the company's internet connection via an Ethernet cable. 

Once either of these units are installed, a DESMA service technician can go online, monitor and view the machine screen at any time.  These options allows DESMA to monitor your machine I/O cards, control voltages ad check machine settings without having to wait for travel time.  These tools provide great options for diagnosing many common machine issues and are a valuable investment in keeping production flowing.  

For further information regarding REMOS, SmartWall or our digital services contact DESMA at

05. Aug. 2020

Rubber and Silicone Molding Solutions

August 5, 2020 (Hebron, KY, USA) DESMA is thankful to be able to contribute molding solutions in the US market during the COVID-19 crisis. As an example of this work is a recent partnership and sale of equipment to a company involved in the manufacturing of medical industry and safety respirators.

DESMA aided this customer by refreshing an aging installed machine base. The older injection molding machines were plagued with reliability issues and outdated electrical controls. Maintaining very tight tolerances and stringent quality requirements on their molded products required the investments.

Their new DESMA machine has evolved technology such as the fully hydraulic Benchmark clamping unit design with superior clamping force distribution and an ergonomically low working height.  It also includes a hi-resolution, trend based control system called the DESMA DRC 2030 TBD. This new control system has a large 24” touch screen display with control data and settings consolidated on one screen page allowing for easier parameter adjustments. The control system includes process data acquisition with trend graphics as well as network capability with DESMA’s Smart Connect device. This new technology was announced at the K-Fair in Dusseldorf in the fall of 2019 and is now in full production. The new control system is designed for IoT connectivity, for greater integrations and remote support. 

For more information, contact our engineering and sales staff at

20. Jul. 2020

DESMA Continues to Serve Critical Infrastructure


July 20, 2020 (Hebron, KY, USA)

DESMA continues to serve critical industry infrastructure such as military and aerospace. As an essential supplier manufacturer of rubber and silicone injection molding machines, DESMA’s technology is applicable for the production of U.S. military and aerospace grade electronic shielding solutions. For years DESMA has delivered systems that mold gaskets and seals designed to protect against Electromagnetic interference (EMI) in addition to vibration, heat and shock. Products molded on DESMA machines are used in military tank, naval and aircraft applications.

Conductive elastomer gaskets used for EMI shielding are often complex shapes with tight manufacturing tolerances. DESMA clamping units are ideal for such molding applications. Our machines are designed with pre-stressed, precision ground and surface hardened tie rods. DESMA clamp units use high grade metals for optimum parallelism. Even DESMA insulator boards are special designed for both thermal efficiency and high pressure resistance. DESMA’s are designed for years of repeatable performance under extreme conditions.

As some of the highest performing dielectric materials are suitable for injection, DESMA’s patented FIFO (first in – first out) injection technology is applicable for EMI article molding. Our injection units are capable of producing up to 3,500 Bar (51,450 PSI) injection pressure for direct injection applications. In addition, DESMA injection units, due to their homogeneous mixing and dosing capabilities are ideal for ITM (Injection Transfer Molding) molding of conductive elastomers.

DESMA USA has a modern 33,000 sq foot facility located in Hebron Kentucky (greater Cincinnati area). DESMA 968 series machines are available for EMI material trials ranging in size from 100 tons in clamp force up to 700 tons with FIFO injection shot volumes up to 6.0 Liters (approximately 15 pounds of shot). To facilitate mold trials, DESMA’s North American Manufacturing Center (NAMC) also located in the Hebron facility can modify existing tooling for molding trials if required. DESMA continues to serve manufacturing sectors such as military and aerospace. For more information, contact our engineering and sales staff at

15. Jul. 2020

DESMA USA COVID-19 Update - July 2020

FOR RELEASE JULY 15, 2020 (Cincinnati, OH)

DESMA is thankful to give a good report and update during the continuing COVID-19 situation.  First of all, the health, safety, and protection of DESMA customers and employees is our highest priority.  Our team is fully staffed with essential team members for production, engineering, operations, and support are working at the facilities under compliant safety protocols.  Other team members continue to work remote and virtually. DESMA is operating at full capacity, remains strong, and continues to serve the industry. 

Business continuity planning includes monitoring the situation and adjusting as needed with proactive measures to minimize any disruption.   DESMA is proud to support and contribute to COVID-19 related initiatives as we serve manufacturing in health science related areas.  

DESMA has made several modifications and improvements in our facilities to ensure the safety protocols are being followed in allowing building and production to continue in a safe way, including a previously scheduled remodeling.  The DESMA leadership team has made contingency plans to continue production in a safe and compliant manner in consideration of unknown future events.  DESMA is able to accommodate visitors with advance planning and some limitations to maintain protocols.

DESMA is meeting all production timelines, fulfilling all orders, and we continue to supply a sizable spare parts stock that remains available. DESMA USA Support Services system continues to be staffed. We can be reached at 1-859-372-3399 as well as via e-mail at, and We are configured and staffed to operate both remotely and with limited employees on our premises to support you. Our field service technicians have VPN access to our network that enable customer support via telephone, Remos, SmartWall and other service platforms.  Our Regional Sales Engineers remain available to plan and consult with you at this time. Project development and mold inquiries along with service support concerns will continue to be handled without interruption.

If there is a machine need, engineering support, technical support, or advice and consult from one of our team of experts, we are here to continue to serve.  We hope you and your loved ones continue to stay safe and healthy, and we are thankful for your support.


Scott Early | President & CEO


23. Oct. 2019

K-Fair 2019

The K-Fair requires a lot of efforts and this only works as a motivated team with the drive to inspire our customers.  The entire DESMA crew in the Gluhofenhalle, our team at the exhibition stand in Hall 16, the shuttle drivers, the service personnel and many more... each one of them is responsible for making this fair a success. MANY THANKS! 

23. Oct. 2019

DESMA Open Tip Cold Runners Feature Adjustable Choke

Recently, DESMA NAMC ( North American Manufacturing Center) designed and built a 16 nozzle open tip cold runner that features adjustable chokes at each nozzle location. 

These adjustable chokes allow customers to make flow rate adjustments in situ at the parting line.  The implementation of this technology allows greater control regarding cold runner balance, specifically when using multiple material types and durometers for the same article. 

For example, the chokes are further closed to slow the flow of softer material and further opened to increase flow for stiffer material.  The fact that the chokes can be adjusted without tearing the cold runner down saves time and labor cost, which equates to greater balance, more efficiency, and ultimately more articles being molded per shift.  

DESMA continues to innovate real world solutions using innovative technology to allow for greater process control.  

For more information contact DESMA NAMC at