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Continuously Committed - DESMA Remote Support & Customer Service 02.09.2020

September, 2020 (Hebron, KY) Digital Service provides quick machine diagnosis.

DESMA USA is committed to the support of our customers.  The Digital Services division of DESMA USA has options to quickly and safely connect your machine to our USA based team of experts. 

Traditionally, the only way to obtain any kind of customer support was via telephone or to have a service technician visit the customer's facility.  DESMA USA is able to provide remote support without leaving our Hebron headquarters, which is critical now when onsite customer visits are at a minimum and strategic safety measures are in place at manufacturing facilities. 

Utilizing DESMA's REMOS | SmartWall technology a service technician can remotely connect, diagnose and help provide high level technical support plus offer online solutions in real time. 

  • REMOS is a portable customer support tool that connects via Wi-Fi or GSM cellular network.  This means that it can be moved between multiple DESMA machines at the same facility. 
  • SmartWall operates on hardwired lines into one specific machine and uses the company's internet connection via an Ethernet cable. 

Once either of these units are installed, a DESMA service technician can go online, monitor and view the machine screen at any time.  These options allows DESMA to monitor your machine I/O cards, control voltages ad check machine settings without having to wait for travel time.  These tools provide great options for diagnosing many common machine issues and are a valuable investment in keeping production flowing.  

For further information regarding REMOS, SmartWall or our digital services contact DESMA at