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DESMA Continues to Serve Critical Infrastructure 20.07.2020


July 20, 2020 (Hebron, KY, USA)

DESMA continues to serve critical industry infrastructure such as military and aerospace. As an essential supplier manufacturer of rubber and silicone injection molding machines, DESMA’s technology is applicable for the production of U.S. military and aerospace grade electronic shielding solutions. For years DESMA has delivered systems that mold gaskets and seals designed to protect against Electromagnetic interference (EMI) in addition to vibration, heat and shock. Products molded on DESMA machines are used in military tank, naval and aircraft applications.

Conductive elastomer gaskets used for EMI shielding are often complex shapes with tight manufacturing tolerances. DESMA clamping units are ideal for such molding applications. Our machines are designed with pre-stressed, precision ground and surface hardened tie rods. DESMA clamp units use high grade metals for optimum parallelism. Even DESMA insulator boards are special designed for both thermal efficiency and high pressure resistance. DESMA’s are designed for years of repeatable performance under extreme conditions.

As some of the highest performing dielectric materials are suitable for injection, DESMA’s patented FIFO (first in – first out) injection technology is applicable for EMI article molding. Our injection units are capable of producing up to 3,500 Bar (51,450 PSI) injection pressure for direct injection applications. In addition, DESMA injection units, due to their homogeneous mixing and dosing capabilities are ideal for ITM (Injection Transfer Molding) molding of conductive elastomers.

DESMA USA has a modern 33,000 sq foot facility located in Hebron Kentucky (greater Cincinnati area). DESMA 968 series machines are available for EMI material trials ranging in size from 100 tons in clamp force up to 700 tons with FIFO injection shot volumes up to 6.0 Liters (approximately 15 pounds of shot). To facilitate mold trials, DESMA’s North American Manufacturing Center (NAMC) also located in the Hebron facility can modify existing tooling for molding trials if required. DESMA continues to serve manufacturing sectors such as military and aerospace. For more information, contact our engineering and sales staff at