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DESMA FIFO-A | Flexibility for Strip Fed Material 02.10.2020

October, 2020 (Hebron, KY) Flexibility for strip fed material plus silicone applications.

Klockner DESMA Elastomertechnic builds a variety of First-In First-Out injection units to suit different material and process requirements within the elastomer molding industry. These different types include FIFO-A, FIFO-B, FIFO-C, and FIFO-K, each of which are designed for a specific purpose.

Of the options available from DESMA, the “FIFO-A” injection unit is our most popular and most flexible.

The “FIFO-A” injection unit is designed specifically for use with vertical clamping machines in a variety of injection volumes ranging from 85 ccm up to 22,900 ccm.

One very attractive characteristic of the FIFO-A concept is the ability for the end user to change between different material types. 

The most common use of this injection unit is for processing strip type raw materials such as NBR/SBR, HNBR, FKM, Neoprene, AEM and others. However it is also quite easy to include the ability of processing HCR silicone materials by including a silicone stuffer. The addition of a stuffer to the FIFO-A injection unit can be done so that switching the machine between HCR operation and strip material operation is simple; requiring only hand tools and no more than 30 minutes.  

Connecting the silicone stuffer requires only the removal of the strip guiding device and installation of a connection pipe between the stuffer output and screw input.

Surprisingly, the same FIFO-A injection unit that is used for highly viscous materials such as HNBR can also effectively be deployed in applications to inject liquid silicone (LSR). While the conversion from strip material to LSR is more involved than connecting a silicone stuffer, the process remains straightforward. The conversion requires the exchange of the screw cylinder, injection plunger, and the addition of a LSR meter / mix system including a 2-pass static mixer.

The ability to process a wide variety of materials with the same basic injection unit provides our customers the ability to pursue business in a wide variety of markets and applications.

By combining the capabilities of the FIFO-A injection unit together and selecting the optimal process type (hot or cold runner direct injection, hot or cold pot injection transfer, or injection compression) nearly all elastomer molding challenges can be met.

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