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DESMA helps customer revolutionize part production to achieve FOUR times throughput 07.04.2021

“Our partnership with DESMA has revolutionized the way we run parts in medium to high volume activities.” - Precision Associates

Precision Associates, for over half a century, has been a leading manufacturer of top quality, custom rubber seals and other rubber products for a variety of markets. Their capabilities include close-tolerance, precision machined plastic and metal components. From O-rings to U-cups to square gaskets, Precision Associates molds essentially every type of rubber seal you can think of.  

For nearly 60 years, Precision Associates used the same traditional methods and machines for compression, transfer, and injection molding of rubber materials. Precision Associates’ engineering team recognized the need to modernize their equipment in order to open up a new range of capabilities and increase their efficiency. After looking at several options, they chose to partner with DESMA on their first new injection molding press in 2018.

Key Selection Factors for DESMA:

  • Ease of use - DESMA’s injection screw and plunger system uses a unique method to allow for cleaning and maintenance that Precision Associates found to be very quick and efficient

  • Ability to work with existing molds - At the time of partnership with DESMA, Precision Associates had over 8,000 active molds. Replacing those to adhere to a new platform would’ve been prohibitively expensive and a major roadblock. DESMA worked to modify their standard injection press allowing them to run their existing tools on that new press, which was a huge win!

  • Customization for the task - Repeatedly, DESMA has worked to customize their solutions to fit the unique needs of Precision Associates. The first run of HCR Silicone (Gum Stock) didn’t work well as the machines weren’t designed for that soft of a material. DESMA built a custom materials delivery system for Precision Associate’s press that provided a path for this new material to work. DESMA also worked with Precision Associates to get a machine running in their ISO Class 7 Clean Room for special medical applications. 



Upon receiving and onboarding their first DESMA machine, Precision Associates found they were able to produce 4 times the throughput of their existing machines, and at half the labor cost! These results were so incredible, that in less than 3 years, Precision Associates has gone from 1 to 9 DESMA machines, and have revolutionized the way they run parts in medium to high volume activities.

Precision Associates has been able to bid competitively and win several large projects that they would’ve been unable to secure using their conventional molding method pre-DESMA machines. DESMA machines have also enhanced their work on existing high volume projects by cutting labor which decreases costs for both Precisions Associates and their clients, while reducing the need for long overnight and overtime hours for their team.

DESMA continues to support Precision Associates with strong support, solid training procedures, and a partnership approach to work on custom needs as they arise. It's been a great success and a foundation has been laid for more machines and a long term relationship moving forward.