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The 6P-Management

Personnel - Products - Partners - Processes - Profit - Perspective


Our strategy:

  • Continuous profit gaining and increase in value

Our claim:

  • Fairness, openness and mutual confidence

Our performance range:

  • Machines, systems, moulds und service for the rubber and silicone industry

Our philosophy:

  • Interacting with each other, learning, acting jointly in an entrepreneurial manner

Your team of experts in elastomer technology

We work on a high performance level with commitment, passion and enthusiasm.
The customer is in the center of our attention.

We communicate clearly and plainly, learn from each other and act together jointly in an entrepreneurial way.

Production solutions with added value for the rubber and silicone industry

The injection moulding machines of DESMA feature clamping forces from 500 kN up to 40,000 kN and injection volumes of 80 cm3 up to 25,000 cm3.  All machines are equipped with integrated control systems. With the DESMA specific mould shop the enterprise has become a world market leader over the past years. 

In the in-house and modern production engineering center at the Fridingen location, DESMA develops and tests new production methods in elastomer technology.

At DESMA you find injection moulding machines, production systems, mould shop and a high consulting capability from one source.

» see also chapter "Machines / Periphery".


DESMA is a partner of high performance and competence for its customers. The goal is to have not only satisfied but delighted customers who are always in the focus of the partnership-based thinking and acting. Thus DESMA can secure lasting confidence in its elastomeric products and services

Further, DESMA opens up additional competitive edges to its customers with a quick and comprehensive technology development.

DESMA creates added value in a convincing manner - see also chapter "industries".


At DESMA customer orientation and customer benefit begins with the suppliers. Therefore DESMA expects of its suppliers what it wants to offer to its customers: competence, quality, reliability, a balanced cost-performance ratio and flexibility.

The city of Fridingen and the region

DESMA is an important and at the same time renowned employer in the region.

With the capacity and the standing of DESMA the market value of the city of Fridingen and of the region rises as well, because DESMA is a powerful and reliable employer.


The capital of the shareholders constitutes responsibility and obligation for DESMA to increase the value of the enterprise.

In doing so, the goal is to realize high profits - this is the only way for DESMA to achieve the required investments for growth in quantity and quality.

The processes at DESMA are characterized by a high transparency, swiftness, reliability and robustness. They allow safety in times of a booming economy - and slowdown.

Profits for a powerful and reliable partnership

The efficiency of DESMA consists in the competence to optimize processes and to reduce costs.

DESMA is daily engaged in improving its own competitiveness. It is the basis for a long-term profitable and above all strong enterprise.


With DESMA you get a sustainable and long-term partner for your business.