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With DESMA-owned production, sales and service locations in Brazil, China, Germany, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Slovakia and the USA we have a powerful network in every important economic and growth region. With more than 500 employees we globally work round the clock for the success of our customers. The margins in today's business community are globally under extremely strong pressure.The costs of acquisition of our solutions are often overrated as against the benefit of reducing the total cost of ownership. We consider the order of our customers to be an active contribution towards lowering their production costsFor this we have implemented some successful innovative concepts over the past few years that have promoted the reduction of personnel and material expenses, the increase of productivity and the reduction in energy costs in a groundbreaking manner:

  • The 968 BENCHMARK machine series as a standard in the industry for ergonomic machines with optimal working height.
  • The 969 SEALMASTER machine series for a production in minimum space.
  • The FIFO injection units for pressures as high as 3,500 bar to process demanding elastomers more efficiently.
  • The FlowControl+ system to reduce cure time.
  • The FlowControl CRB to increase productivity and material efficiency.
  • The 2-deck production to raise the output.   

DESMA at a glance

  • More than 500 employees worldwide
  • Locations in China, India, Slovakia, the USA and Germany
  • Sales: 80 million €
  • More than 7,300 DESMA injection moulding machines in operation

The system solutions of DESMA

  • Injection moulding machines, production systems, moulds, customer care
  • Clamping forces of 500 kN to 40,000 kN
  • Injection volumes of 80 cm3 to 25,000 cm3
  • Integrated automation systems
  • In-house mould shop
  • Modern process engineering center

The strong points of DESMA

  • A strong brand for strong customers
  • World market leader in elastomer processing
  • Customer and market flexibility
  • A highly motivated and well trained team of experts
  • Presence in all important economic regions and growth markets
  • High machine population
  • Strong system competence for machine, mould concept, automation
Highlights der DESMA Geschichte
Highlights der DESMA Geschichte
Highlights der DESMA Geschichte

1945 - 1964

Herbert Ludwig: Founder of DESMA works.
Foundation: "Deutsche Schuhmaschinen & Co.U.E. Ludwig KG"
With the name DESCO.


MAF - Machine factory of Fridingen.
Company inaugration. First managing director: Walter Schatz.

1968 - 1975

In the early seventies extensive building additions were planned and realized. New office building and double production surface.
Start of DESMA into the division "rubber injection moulding machines".
The number of employees increased to 140.


Development of the first 1000-ton large machine.


DESMA Group was sold to the Klöckner group.
Foundation of subsidiary in USA.


20th anniversary, a new assembly hall and a new trainees' shop were inaugurated.


In operation, the forth production hall.


Certification according to DIN ISO 9001.


Foundation of subsidiary in India.


At the K show in Duesseldorf DESMA launches the new BENCHMARK series.


DESMA with a new training facility, testing and demonstration laboratory.


Foundation of subsidiary in Slovakia.


Conferment of the DKG-Product Award for our FlowControl.


Foundation of subsidiary in China.


Finishing of the new customer centre.
Enlargement of the fourth hall.
Large-part machining center in Slovakia.
Mould shop in USA.


Inauguration of the new plant in Ahmedabad, India.


At the K show in Duesseldorf DESMA launches the new BENCHMARK series S3.


The high rack warehouse, named "DESMA-Tower".


DESMA Roadshow.
Conferment of the DKG-Product Award for our ZeroWaste ITM.


Development and presentation of the new corporate design.


Construction of the new office building.
Investments in new DESMA milling centers worldwide.


50th anniversary.

The DESMA growth package – a sound balance of process optimizations and
market or product offensives

In order to achieve the corporate goals, DESMA strives for
growth in quality by applying the following measures to optimize the process:

  • Further reduction of parts diversity and stock
  • Shorter delivery periods
  • High productivity
  • Applications driven by customer benefit
  • Excellent  execution of orders within schedule and at the costs specified
  • Better price quality at lower costs

Growth in quantity is also supposed to contribute to achieving the goal of DESMA.
In this context the enterprise focuses on various market and product offensives:

  • Technology change, e. g. exchange of conventional presses in the countries USA, Latin America, Asia
  • New developments / new business segments if necessary
  • Opening-up of new markets
  • Diversification in existing markets
  • Ousting of competitors
  • Further expansion of the activities in India and China