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About DESMA USA Inc.

Everything for the profitable production of rubber and silicone molded parts

The origins of DESMA USA Inc.

DESMA has been active in the USA since the early 1960’s when DESMA Industrial Machines was formed in Waltham, Mass. At that time, DESMA primarily served the footwear industry with specialized machines for injection of PVC shoe soles and boots. In parallel, a growing market for rubber shoe soles inspired DESMA to build rotary rubber injection molding machines. Over time, these machines gained popularity in the automotive and consumer goods industries. These industries also drove development and refinement of DESMA vertical single station machines for rubber injection molding.

In the late 1960’s to early 1970’s, interest in the rotary machines, as well vertical single station machines grew exponentially. DESMA responded by providing domestic spare parts and by adding service technicians based in the USA. In the late 1970’s DESMA USA forged it’s identity when machine control technology migrated from relay logic to PLC’s. The market demanded controls with domestically sourced components programmed in ladder logic. As such, DESMA responded by providing control systems unique to the US market. Numerous DESMA 962 & 966 single station series machines were delivered in this market. We are proud to report many are still in production today, and DESMA USA continues to provide after sales support for these machines.

In the early 1980’s, the DESMA group was acquired by Klockner, a publically traded company in Germany. Klockner owned several plastics machinery companies (Windsor and Ferromatik among others) with North American factories. DESMA moved to Erlanger Kentucky and was integrated into Klockner’s Windsor and Ferromatik plastic machinery operations. DESMA’s recognized trade name changed several times to reflect these affiliations.

Due to DESMA’s continued growth in the late 1990’s DESMA moved to a custom built 25,000 sq ft. facility located in Hebron Kentucky adjacent to the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport.


DESMA USA Inc. today

Today, DESMA currently employs approximately 41 people including sales engineers, service technicians, project engineers, mold shop personnel and after sales support for the rubber single station machine market. We are especially proud of our service department that includes 7 full time service engineers strategically placed throughout the country. To coordinate these engineers and ensure your requests are taken in a timely manner we employ a Service Coordinator in addition to our Customer Service Manager.

Our facility is equipped with dual overhead cranes (20 tons and 5 tons) to assist in machine, mold and tooling movement for various projects. DESMA USA also includes a demonstration lab equipped with DESMA vertical and horizontal presses ranging from 50 to 630 US tons. These presses are available for molding trials that are commonly used as part of our turnkey solutions package to test and streamline molding solutions for our customers. In addition we maintain a several million dollar inventory of spare parts for quick delivery. To ensure our customers success; we provide domestic support for installation, warranty and after sales support and offer system upgrade and retrofits. Another key component of a customer’s success is a knowledgeable workforce. To decrease downtime and incorporate a higher degree of operating knowledge with your staff we offer both customized and all-purpose training programs.

Also unique to DESMA USA is our activity in Mexico where we maintain both sales and service personnel.

DESMA USA, Inc. has a diversified portfolio to incorporate additional endeavors that complement the rubber and silicone injection molding.

In late 2007, DESMA entered an agreement with Wickert GmbH of Landau Germany. Wickert is an industrial engineering company that specializes in building custom compression machinery capable of holding extremely precise tolerances. DESMA USA provides sales assistance, service and spare parts to Wickert customers in North America also.

In 2008, DESMA USA entered the business of rubber and silicone mold production. The mold shop, located in our Hebron Kentucky facility, began with a 2.0 Mio US$ investment. This included several CNC vertical milling centers (including 5 axis capability), a turning center, a large surface grinder and a host of other equipment to build; first class production molds. At the present time, we are undergoing further renovations to our facility to increase our growing customer demand. The expansion will increase our facility to 27,000 square feet. This new space will double the manufacturing area used for the production of tooling and cold runner delivery systems. In addition, the plant expansion will include a new DMU 5-axis milling center. The new 5-axis milling center will bring their milling machine total to five. DESMA USA also has an in house full time mold designers working in Unigraphics. Unique to DESMA is the fact that all molds and cold runners built by DESMA are tested in the same facility. Our team of engineers and technicians confirm proper cavity balance, venting, filling and confirm article quality.

DESMA USA is the only supplier that can provide domestically produced tooling, cold runners and injection equipment.