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Seeking DESMA USA Service Technician

DESMA USA, Inc. currently employs approximately 54 persons. The Customer service department consists of 10 in service management, support parts, and field service technicians. Collectively this group will provide training for our new hire to ensure proper integration into the company.


The candidate that fits the description will be hired and spend approximately 1 year at DESMA USA in Hebron, KY for training in rebuilding of presses, assembling new machines and working with our Project Engineers on various rubber injection processes. Following DESMA / Wickert training this individual will then be integrated into our North American Field Service Department.

Work Experience

  • Demonstrable maintenance experience in a production using conveyors, hydraulic systems, mechanical assemblies
  • Demonstrable assembly experience with a previous company in the plastics industry, rubber industry, or machine tool industry
  • Demonstrable experience with a previous company in the automation industry

Skill Requirements

  • The ability to read and understand European based hydraulic prints (symbols and format). DESMA documentation is in English.
  • Basic understanding of the function and structure of a hydraulic system including hydraulic pressure and fluid flow
  • Good manual dexterity to disassemble, repair and reassemble hydraulic cylinders with new sealing kits
  • The candidate must have a mechanical aptitude to trouble shoot or repair hydraulic systems
  • The ability to read and understand European based electrical prints (symbols and format). DESMA documentation is in English.
  • Machinery wiring – tracing wires to various components within the electrical cabinet and to other features on the machine
  • Through understanding and working knowledge of a multimeter for troubleshooting; high voltage (3 –phase incoming plant wiring and the corresponding effect of how this is wired to our machine), low voltage (control voltage), current, resistance – troubleshooting grounds, etc. The candidate must be able to troubleshoot and repair machine circuits.
  • The ability to work in a factory environment on your feet up to 12 hours per day.
  • The ability to disassemble large machine components for diagnostics and repair.
  • The candidate must coordinate fork trucks, overhead cranes and basic rigging of large mechanical components if needed.
  • The ability to stoop, crawl or climb on a machine as required for repair and operation
  • Basic knowledge of PC based control systems. Modern DESMA control systems have many diagnostic systems integrated into the control system itself. A person familiar with computers, PC based control systems (windows based) as well as non PC based control systems is necessary.
  • Basic mechanical aptitude regarding machinery; understand proper clearances, linear movements, troubleshooting mechanical binds, the use of metric tooling including wrenches, torque wrenches. Experience using a torch. Any experience in automotive repair is advantageous.

Minimum Education Requirement

  • A high school diploma is required
Preferred Additional Education
  • Post-secondary education including Vocational school classes that focus on mechanical – hydraulic – pneumatic devices is desired
  • A two year degree in engineering technology (mechanical or electrical) is preferred
  • On line courses or workshops in hydraulics, pneumatics as continual education is of interest
Preferred Additional Credentials
  • Military veterans are preferred. Experience in the military with electrical, mechanical or hydraulics is ideal