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DESMA Open Tip Cold Runners Feature Adjustable Choke 23.10.2019

Recently, DESMA NAMC ( North American Manufacturing Center) designed and built a 16 nozzle open tip cold runner that features adjustable chokes at each nozzle location. 

These adjustable chokes allow customers to make flow rate adjustments in situ at the parting line.  The implementation of this technology allows greater control regarding cold runner balance, specifically when using multiple material types and durometers for the same article. 

For example, the chokes are further closed to slow the flow of softer material and further opened to increase flow for stiffer material.  The fact that the chokes can be adjusted without tearing the cold runner down saves time and labor cost, which equates to greater balance, more efficiency, and ultimately more articles being molded per shift.  

DESMA continues to innovate real world solutions using innovative technology to allow for greater process control.  

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