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Jakob Wickert, a skilled artistic metalworker master, founded the J. Wickert machine factory in Landau on May 4th, 1901. What could be more natural in the largest wine growing community in Germany than to develop and produce presses for this industry? As the wine industry grew, Wickert introduced a down-stroke wine press fitted with modern hydraulic pressing mechanisms that set new standards.

In the 1970’s Wickert began focusing on the growing market of vulcanizing of rubber with hydraulic presses. Wickert advancements in down – stroke hydraulics were applied also to the elastomer industry with great success. In Germany and in Europe, Wickert equipment became known for their ridged construction, engineering excellence, and reliability. Wickert further created new paradigms by introducing the WKP series presses for the molding of elastomer pharmaceutical enclosures (stoppers). These presses included down – stroke clamps, proper vacuum chambers for air evacuation and sophisticated spray devices for mold lubrication. Today, leading medical device molders around the world use Wickert equipment.



The DESMA USA and Wickert relationship in North American was forged in 2007. At that time, the DESMA USA customer base also needed compression machinery for certain applications. Prior to this, DESMA was unable to offer customized compression solutions. Today Wickert sales in North America represents several million dollars and is growing rapidly.

The synergy of both companies working together has proven invaluable.

In North America, Wickert machines are supported by the same legendary customer service department that our customers demand. Another added benefit to the DESMA and Wickert relationship are the common components used in both machines and are readily available from our spare parts inventory.

Wickert Hydraulic Presses by nature are customized to meet the customers requirements. The DESMA USA sales staff can review and discuss the Wickert product line for various compression press applications.

DESMA and Wickert - both high quality German engineered machines supported by DESMA USA.

Your competitive benefits with WICKERT presses:

  • Customizable specific press dimensions from 5 - 75.000 kN with heating platen dimensions of up to 6.000 mm and over, and multiple decks
  • High process reliability thanks to the use of vacuum chambers
  • Homogenous temperature distribution due to precision heating platens with accuracies up to +/- 0.2 °K on the heating platen surface
  • High quality precision machines with excellent parallelism and minimal deflection
  • Ergonomic operating height resulting from the down-stroke design
  • Simple operation with the intuitive control
  • 5X design safety of the mechanical components

Integration of elastomer process solutions:

  • Vacuum chambers
  • Ejection systems
  • Mold manipulation / Mold service
  • Fully-automatic release agent application
  • Clean room solutions for pharmaceutical components
  • Integration of tempering units for TM and ITM
  • Process control for membrane layers (e.g. for membrane production)
  • Integration of automation modules such as loading and unloading systems, material feed, mold cleaning or robot automation
  • Wickert is a systems integrator with full capabilities to provide complete production solutions which center around our high quality pressing machines


Matthew Stachel
Director of Wickert Sales North America