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Excellent production results without fail. The SEALMASTER S3 series by DESMA convinces with its technology and design. The easy to maintain overall design with the generously dimensioned doors for instance provides optimum access to all machine components. The sturdy design with maximum bending stability guarantees a uniformly perfect product quality.

Perceptible and audible advantages. Apart from the FIFO-Advanced feature, the SEALMASTER S3 series also provides commendable DESMA technologies such as PlastControl, ActiveFeed and QuickLock. Innovative components which are fully integrated in the machine design. The ServoGear hydraulics provides for accurate and dynamic positioning with minimised noise emission. Easy to maintain machine guards reduce noise emissions to a minimum. The DRC 2020 HT visualization with the 19˝ haptic touch user interface permits an intuitive, safe and convenient machine operation.


Summary of advantages

  • Energy saving drive thanks to ServoGear hydraulics
  • Significant reductions in noise emission
  • Much improved positioning accuracy of all hydraulic movements
  • Simple machine operation thanks to 19" Haptic-Touch screen with new intuitive user interface
  • FlexInterlock allows freely programmable core puller lockings
  • Reduction pf peak current consumption by way of option EnergyControl
  • FIFO-Advanced injection unit for even better injection precision
  • As much as 2,000 kWh of energy saving annually per temperature-control unit with the new EcoSilence technology
  • ActiveFeed for more reliable feed of material strips of larger dimensions
  • Improved temperature distribution along with distinctly lower energy consumption through Iso+ heating platens
  • Clearly improves injection accuarcy thanks to PlastControl
  • Perfect process documentation with the SetupAssist function
  • High-speed mould change thanks to QuickLock system
  • New covering improved accessibility for servicing
  • Hydraulic lines almost totally ducted to reduce maintenance costs