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Special machine series

Injection molding machines for different special applications

Addressing a wide variety of industry requirementsin a perfect manner. The DESMA special series offer elastomer-processing companies individual solutions for most diverse applications. The experts at DESMA either adapt the modular components to the respective requirements or develop completely new, customized machine concepts.

Sonderbau Spritzgießmaschinen


two-platen clamping system
TPE injection unit available
Very rigid overall

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Stator machines

Special machines for pump stators
Single-Inject (Z) or Twin-Inject (ZZ)
Wide range of accessoires

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Multi-Component machines

two-Component injection moulding machine
Two-Color control system available
Flexible positions of injection units

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Large machines

Injection volumes up to 25.000cm3
Twin-Spritzeinheiten possible
Two different clamp forces available

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C-Frame Series

Extensive special equipment
Very stable C-Frame
Injection units for TPE usage

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ZU Machine Series

Injection from the bottom
Hydraulically retractable injection unit
Injection unit with angular nozzle

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Round-table machines

Large-scale production
Different sizes

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High-tension insulators

1.500mm long articels in one piece
Optional with LSR-unit
Clear cost benefits

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