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C-Frame Series

Stable conditions. With the D 956 and D 957 series, DESMA offers sturdy C-frame machines for rubber and silicone processing. The range extends from 250 kn to 1,600 kn clamping force. Comprehensive special equipment by DESMA provides the right solution for every application and industry. In addition, this series also comprises injection units for TPE applications.

Facts about the C-frame machine series:

  • DESMA 956 – closing from the bottom
  • DESMA 957 – closing from the top
  • Very sturdy c-frame
  • Closing forces between 250 kn and 1,600 kn
  • Comprehensive special equipment available
  • Optionally available with stationary or retractable injection nozzle
    C-Rahmen D 956.025 ZO
    D 956.025 ZO
    C-Rahmen D 956.050 ZO
    D 956.050 ZO
    C-Rahmen D 956.100 ZO
    D 956.100 ZO