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  • REVIEW 2017

    Dear business partners, valued customers, our dear friends, With 2017, a year is now coming to an end that has...


Large Machines

The production of large machines sized up to clamping force of 40,000 kN with injection volumes up to 25,000 cm³ pertains to DESMA's foremost discipline due to many years of experience and technical excellence. Large machines of DESMA are mainly used for the production of bladders in the tire industry, for filtration membranes or large couplings.

Facts about the large machines:

  • clamping forces 18,000 kN and 40,000 kN
  • injection volumes as high as 25,000 cm3
  • if using twin-injection units, injection volumes of several 100 liters are feasible 
  • applications: bladder for the tire industry, filtration membranes, large-sized couplings
DESMA 968.4000 T
DESMA 968.4000 T
D 968.1800
D 968.1800