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Alpha C Frame

Flexible small machines for small articles and overmolding applictions

Alpha C Frame

The DESMA ALPHA C series molding machines include the Alpha 25 C (250 kN) and Alpha 50 C (500 kN) models. These flexible top inject presses include fully hydraulic mold carriers based around a stable C-frame design. The Alpha C mold carrier design is extremely stable yet it permits excellent access to the mold packaged from (3) sides. Two clamping configurations of the< b>Alpha C are available; “Bottom Acting” (clamping from bottom up) and “Top Acting” (clamping from top down).

AllAlpha C machines are produced at our exclusively owned facility in India for North American export. Alpha C machines share engineering and design criteria found in our European machine series and are equipped with European sourced proportional hydraulics and thermal oil regulating units. Our Alpha C machines are available with two control systems; the standard DRC 1020 control or the upgraded DRC 2020. Both systems offer fully closed loop hydraulic control along with a large array of useful features designed for process optimization and ease of use. Options include CE certification, silicone stuffers, and a wide array of plate shuttling devices.

Alpha C machines are available with several of DESMA’s proven FIFO injection units including the FIFO C and and FIFO K in sizes ranging from 85 ccm up to 500 ccm; TPE injection is also possible. Consult your Regional Sales Engineer for more details.


Facts about the ALPHA C machine series:

  • Stable C-frame construction for excellent access to mold details
  • Either top or bottom acting options available
  • Several mold plate manipulation devices available
  • European sourced proportional hydraulic systems