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Alpha 100

The Alpha series represents one line of our strategic value machines. This series features a range of machines that combine DESMA’s hallmark FIFO (First-In-First-Out) injection process and cost effective equipment management for profitable production.

• Alpha series machines are available with clamping unit sizes from 55 to 600 US Tons.

• Alpha “H” machines are available to fit needs for horizontal clamping machines with closing forces ranging from 120 to 500 US Tons.

• Available platen sizes range from 250 x 280 mm (9.8” x 11”) up to 810 x 980 mm (31.9” x 38.6”); the largest platen sizes available for our low cost machines.

• Many options are available for Alpha machines including various mold manipulation devices such as hydraulic core lifters and sliding systems.

• Injection volumes range from 50 ccm (3 cu in) to 10000 ccm (610 cu in).

• Two fully closed loop control systems are available on Alpha series machines – DRC1020 and DRC2020.

o The DRC1020 is the base controller and includes a 10” color display, on board process recipe storage, and full integration of all machine functions.

o The DRC2020 is the same class leading controller offered on DESMA 968 and 969 series machines including a 19” LCD touch panel display.