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DESMA USA, INC. opened their North American Manufacturing Center (NAMC) in 2008

The company invested $2.0 Million in milling equipment, infrastructure improvement, and systems to produce molds and cold runners at the Hebron Kentucky facility. Of particular note are the company's vertical milling capabilities.

DESMA USA, Inc. currently runs 3 milling centers, two 3 axis and one 5 axis mill capable of producing molds for injection presses up to 800 tons and platens up to sizes 900mm by 1600mm.

Brian Laupp, a 12 year employee of DESMA, and a 24 year veteran in the rubber industry, is the Director of Engineering and Manufacturing Operations. Prior to DESMA, he held Engineering and Engineering Management positions at predominant North American injection molding companies.

One of the many features that sets our mold shop apart is the fact that we injection test all molds. Testing is carried out in the same facility, using in stock presses located in the demonstration lab. Testing is conducted by DESMA’s domestic Project Engineering group. For testing purposes, DESMA USA, INC. stocks vertical and horizontal injection presses ranging from 25 US tons to over 700 US tons.

The DESMA North American Manufacturing Center (NAMC) also benefits from the many years of practical and design experience that resides at our headquarters in Fridingen Germany. For the mold shop, DESMA established a data platform to enable file sharing of new and existing mold concepts with DESMA Germany. The DESMA North American Mold Shop runs Unigraphics, a design systems also shared with their parent company.

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