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Upgrade programs - to keep your DESMA running productively

TEE and Regloplast Cleaning and Testing Program: Oil Temperature Control Unit

A common overlooked item on DESMA machines are oil temperature regulating units. Without proper maintenance these units become inefficient and create process instability. DESMA USA has a maintenance program designed to these units running in a reliable manner. Contact Customer Care for more information at

  • Units disassembled, cleaned and bench tested in Hebron, KY
  • The customer is then notified of the evaluation
  • Any authorized additional repair work or part replacement is done
  • All repair work is warranted for 6 works
  • Inquire about a tempering unit exchange program to minimize downtime
Old tempering unit under repair

Control System Upgrades

DESMA is pleased to offer control retrofits for all 968/969 series machines that utilize the latest control system technology. Our staff will prepare a machine specific upgrade to allow for new position and pressure transducers to work in conjunction with the DRC 2020. This upgrade can occur in the field or the machine can be shipped to our Hebron facility for further mechanical and hydraulic rework. Contact Customer Care for more information at

  • DRC 1210 retrofit packages are available for early built 968 and 969 machines
  • Ask about our "kit" pricing that includes the PLC, operator panel, pressure and position sensors
  • Enable you to upgrade presses to the current technology installed on our new machines
  • Other control system upgrades are available with various price points and features
DRC 2020 Control

Light Curtain Upgrades

As machines are used for multiple molding applications, over time access to the mold carrier may be needed. DESMA recommends factory based solutions in the form of light safety guarding. In addition to increasing liability the light guarding can also increase cycle time and reduce maintenance related issues. Contact our Spare Parts department for a comprehensive light curtain retrofit proposal at

  • Save approximately 5 seconds per cycle compared to mechanical doors
  • Eliminate the wear of moving parts
  • Increase your uptime