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REMOS is the new state of the art remote-service system from DESMA. With REMOS, customers may purchase a special configured router along with various connection packages. Together, the system allows a service engineer to quickly connect and diagnose machines remotely from the Customer Care department at DESMA USA.

Advantages of REMOS

SECURITY - REMOS hardware is configured to connect ONLY with the dedicated DESMA USA server installed in Hebron, KY thereby ensuring security. Two router options are available; a SIM card or a Wifi option. A REMOS SIM router eliminates the need for a secure IP address on your network by using a DESMA supplied SIM card. REMOS Wifi connects to the factory wireless network via custom configured settings prior to router shipment.

REDUCED DOWNTIME AND COST SAVINGS - REMOS provides the ability to diagnose issues and assist in troubleshooting remotely. Through these capabilities customers will experience reduced downtime and service cost as no travel is required for such support. In some cases a service visit will still be required, but even then the ability to troubleshoot in advance will reduce on-site service time and related costs. The REMOS connection can also provide important information to our Customer Care department allowing them to quickly find and dispatch needed parts for customer machines.

Comptable with a wide variety of Control Systems

REMOS can connect to various DESMA control systems that use the are Siemens and Bachmann based including:

DRC 1000 | KDM 1000 | DRC 2000 | DRC 1010 | DRC 1210 | DRC 2010 | DRC 2020HT


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