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Demonstration Lab

At our North American headquarters, we typically maintain several machines ranging from 50 tons to over 600 tons in clamp force. The machines are configured with options typically required by our customers and are available for quick sale.

Our “in stock” machines are also used for testing and demonstration purposes.

Our demonstration laboratory is equipped with various sample molds. With our staff, we are able to injection test customer’s rubber compounds. By testing, we gather information on the “inject ability” of various compounds. This information is used to develop and understand the impact of a DESMA injection molding solution.

In Hebron, we can also test customers tooling. In fact, we specialize in adapting and testing molds on DESMA machines designed for our competitor’s equipment. This service allows our customers an additional avenue to evaluate our capabilities. Our laboratory is equipped with a 20 ton overhead crane.

On a limited basis, we can provide sample molding for our customers.

All DESMA USA built tooling is tested and optimized prior to shipment. Customers have the confidence knowing that DESMA tooling will arrive at their factory ready to produce quality parts.

The demonstration lab is also used to conduct DESMA training. Our trainer uses the demonstration machines to reinforce of the topics covered.

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