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Alpha machine series

Horizontal machines offering high capability at a strong value

Alpha 300 H

The DESMA ALPHA H series horizontal molding machines range in size from 100 to 400 metric tons. All ALPHA H machines are produced at our wholly owned facility in India for North American export.

These flexible horizontal presses include fully hydraulic clamping systems. The ALPHA H mold carrier is a 4-post design that employs pre-stressed tie rods for maximum longevity and optimal parallelism. Similar to the vertical ALPHA H machines, these injection presses share engineering and design criteria found in our European machine series (969) and are equipped with European sourced proportional hydraulics and thermal oil regulating units. Our ALPHA H machines are available with two control systems; the standard DRC 1020 control or the upgraded DRC 2020. Both systems offer fully closed loop hydraulic control along with a large array of useful features designed for process optimization and ease of use. Options include CE certification, silicone stuffers, hydraulic lifters, a central ejector, and the ability to integrate demolding automation to reduce operator interaction.

ALPHA H machines are available with DESMA’s proven FIFO-B retractable injection unit in sizes ranging from 350 ccm up to 4000 ccm. Consult your Regional Sales Engineer for more details.



Facts about the ALPHA H machine series:

  • Tie rod spacing mimics traditional DESMA 969 series machines allowing for optimal interchangeability with legacy tooling
  • Large daylight is ideal for multiple plate tooling
  • Integration with brushing devices is ideal with DRC2020 control system
  • European sourced proportional hydraulic systems