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Innovative and intelligent clamping system

Extremely sturdy thanks to innovative two-platenclamping system. On the injection moulding machine D 957 HydroBalance, a tension and pressure columnsystem replaces the c-frame. This system hydraulically prevents the otherwise common deviation from the parallel. In addition, the force is introduced in an evenmore favourable manner than on conventional injection moulding machines via two lateral closing cylinders. The mould halves are there by pressed together in parallel without lateral stress on the mould guides. Besides, the injection unit offers optimum accessibility. The intelligent and very sturdy overall design as well as the attractive price-performance ratio are further strong arguments in favour of using the D 957 HydroBalance.

Conversion options for processing thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). The 957.050 ZO HydroBalance is also available with a convertible combination injection unit for rubber/TPE. With this unit, production capacities can be controlled in a particularly easy and flexible manner.

HydroBalance D 957.050 ZO