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DESMA USA Training Center

The Benefits of an Educated Workforce 

Formal DESMA training along with ongoing education programs on elastomer injection molding provides significant benefits to customers. Persons involved in in production, process set-up and maintenance gain a better understanding of the overall process through DESMA training classes. 

The results of DESMA training includes reduced down time, higher productivity and increased quality.

A highly educated staff possesses a better understanding of the entire machine cycle and overall process. These skills are also transferable to other elastomer molding applications.

For pricing details and a full list of our programs please contact Walter Frick HERE.  



Walter Frick | DESMA USA Instructor 

DESMA USA training is headed up by Walter Frick, a 30 year DESMA employee and staff member of the company.

Walter apprenticed with DESMA Germany in the 1970's. His roots in rubber are deep and he possesses a very strong knowledge of polymer processing - from Silicone to HNBR to butyl compounds. After his apprenticeship, Walter was a Service Technician for DESMA before he decided to call North America his home. He is one of the few people in the industry that possesses such a vast theoretical and practical knowledge of injection molding of rubber.

DESMA USA Training Programs

DESMA USA has developed several training programs unique to the North American Market.  Training courses cover a wide range of topics and range from:

  • Process Set Up
  • Process Technology
  • Machines Set Up
  • Process Troubleshooting

These classes can be tailored to specific equipment and include documentation for after service reference. In addition classes on machine maintenance, electrical, and hydraulic troubleshooting are available via our Service Group.  Additionally, DESMA offers virtual training classes to meet the demands of company policy and safety concerns. 

For pricing details and a full list of our programs please contact Walter Frick HERE.  

Example of a DESMA USA Program Overview